Calling all Music Makers – Win a trip to Karma Sound Studios, Thailand


These days we can make music anywhere and the proliferation of computer based tools for music production mean we don’t need a studio anymore. But your environment shapes your creativity, in fact when Jonas Salk devised the cure for Polio he wasn’t in his lab but in a 13th-century Franciscan monastery in the quiet hills of central Italy, his intuitive introspection in this environment led him to the scientific breakthrough that has all but eradicated Polio from the face of the earth.

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Just like science, musical inspiration strikes us in serene environments; that’s why we’ve teamed up with Karma Sound Studios in Thailand to offer you a chance to win a place on their bi-annual Songwriter’s camp. What could be a better way to spend a week this Spring than collaborating with other creators in a picturesque tropical setting; coming up with brand new sounds and styles? Frequented by top artists such as Jamiroquai, Jessie J and Jimmy Page, the Karma Sound Studio was inspired by Sir George Martin’s desire to create “the ultimate away from it all studio” fully equipped with state of the art recording facilities, plus grounds to relax, including a garden and swimming pool; all of this situated just minutes from the beach in the idyllic community of Bang Saray, Thailand.

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But it doesn’t stop there, as part of the Songwriting camp every creator has a chance to get their song signed to Warner/Chappell, so it could become the next Kendrick Lamar or Katy Perry hit. Songwriting teams will collaborate to create a song every day, we are seeking creators who are pushing the limits of music to join one of these teams, don’t be shy, this is for everyone who makes music, whatever your musical background, whether a seasoned songwriter, a computer orientated producer, an instrumentalist, or a singer/vocalist or rapper.

That’s Great! How do I participate?

We are seeking to push the boundaries of musical experience, so we have created a new tool for sharing your musical ideas. NUSIC is a mobile optimized WebApp designed to allow you to share your music in a completely fresh way. Rather than considering music in a linear format (song starts and plays through to the end) we are exploring stems-based loops to purvey music, this means you can create combinations of sounds that breathe new life into the way we experience music, encouraging deeper engagement through interaction.

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All you have to do is riff on this medium – one main sound, plus three channels of instruments, in order to create a sound pack for NUSIC. These sounds can all be selected and listened to independently, and in combination with each other. The first stage of the competition will be a public vote, whereby anyone can vote for your sounds to be considered by a panel of judges, industry experts who live and breath music, including platinum selling producers and executives who have worked at music companies as diverse as Soundcloud and Sony Music Entertainment.

Check out NUSIC here – for inspiration from other creators.


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Yes! We have teamed up with People Squared YoYo Music Space in Shanghai, a brand new co-working space in XuJiaHui, which includes a Live Music Venue and a state of the art recording studio, designed by the team at Karma Sound Studios. Also featuring writing rooms, boutique offices and hot desk space, one lucky creator will be entitled to free membership for one year – total value more than six thousand US dollars!

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There’s more! We have also teamed up with 247tickets, who will be running a lucky draw, anyone who votes in the competition is eligible to win free tickets for future music events.

We’ll be adding more runner-up prizes in the coming weeks so watch this space for news!

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